Essential need

The internet is now an essential these days. Modern living is not modern living without an access to the world wide web. I for one, my life revolve around my computer in the office or at home. Research and more research are done everyday, both work related and personal stuff. I get the latest and the oldest information at the net, I communicate through it, I do what I am passionate about with my blogs and update myself with my music addiction. Life could never been better and this convenient!

The choices

I was the one helping him study because his focus was on his art works that time. He was planning to put an exhibit under a ghost name. But the family, particularly his dad learned about his paintings, so he did not push through. He couldn’t do anything but to continue studying.

. He compromised with his dad that he handles the business and at the same time do his passions. Also, he visited me to ask me to help him scout offset printing prices for his business cards and flyers. I am just so happy for him. Finally! So, I guess we can, not choose between our passions and our responsibilities, we can actually choose both!


After having lunch at a fast food chain with my office buddies, we headed back to the office for a twenty minute nap. My audit teammate, Jay, had to leave, to go to the hospital to see his dad. He told us his dad has been diagnosed with severe disease. After he had gone, I searched the web for info about this life threatening disease. I found the site and they provide a lot of info about this particular illness. I printed those info which I think are important for Jay to read.